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SUNPOWER "The belt and Road" project -- Unit 1 and 2 of Phase III 2 * 50MW coal-fired power plant in Kota Kendari, Indonesia is successfully generate electricity.

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In mid-June, the design project of SUNPOWER Sunshine Engineering Design Institute Co., Ltd. - Indonesia Kendari Phase III 2 *50MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project received the info. Unit 2 grid-connected power generation successful first Start-up! This is another major victory in the construction of key milestone nodes following the successful grid-connected generation of Unit 1 on May 15.


At 9:00 a.m. on June 17, field workers marched to the target of grid-connected generation of Unit 2. Depending on the rich experience accumulated in the successful grid-connected generation of Unit 1 last month, the crew of Unit 2 has achieved a thorough understanding, orderly and comfortable response in practical operation process, man-machine cooperation, emergency treatment and other aspects. The grid-connected generating unit is successful once and runs for 2 hours as planned. The system parameters are normal and running well. Successful grid-connected generation of units 1 and 2 of the project marks a major stage victory in the construction of the project, which set up a solid foundation for the successful completion of the project.


At present, Unit 1 is under final preparations for the upcoming 96-hour full-load operation. Unit 2 has been shut down for vacancy elimination and maintenance as planned, and then entered the 72-hour trial operation stage.

Indonesia's Kendari Phase III 2 x 50MW coal-fired power plant project belongs to the Indonesian National Electric Power Company (PLN), funded by the Indonesian Golden Light Group, which is the general contractor of Jiangxi Jianglian International Engineering Co., Ltd. and the SUNPOWER Sunshine Engineering Design Institute of Shandong Province undertakes the design work. Construction started in early 2017 at Tanjung Town, northern Moramo, south of Konawe, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. When the project is completed and put into operation, about 880 million kilowatt-hours of electricity will be generated annually, which will provide important power and energy security for Indonesia.


The Kendari Phase III 2 *50MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project is the 36th design project implemented by SUNPOWER Sunshine Institute in Indonesia. At the beginning of this century, when SUNPOWER Sunshine Institute established the target of expanding overseas markets, it favored Indonesia's superior geographical position, abundant natural resources, stable political situation and healthy macroeconomic policies, and decided that the Indonesian market was the first step of "going out". In recent years, the state has put forward a major initiative of "The belt and road". Under the framework of cooperation, Asian, African, Latin American and other developing regions are gradually increasing the intensity of infrastructure construction, which will bring vitality to our development in the global power design market. Up to now, SUNPOWER sunshine engineering has gradually opened up the power design market of dozens of countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Turkey, India, Pakistan and Bulgaria and won a good reputation in the market.