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Construction of Shenhua Yulin High Salt Crystallization Project by SUNPOWER Technology Co. Ltd. started smoothly

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At 10:17 a.m. on July 6, in a warm, festive and solemn atmosphere, the opening ceremony of Shenhua Yulin Circular Economy Coal Comprehensive Utilization Project (Phase I Project) High Salt Crystallization Project was solemnly held at the construction site. Mr. Wang Jin, Executive Deputy Director of SYCTC-1 Project Director Group of Shenhua Yulin, State Energy Group, Mr. Liu Wei, Manager of Public Works Department of Shenhua Yulin Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd., Mr. Shen Tuchuntian, Manager of SYCTC-1 Project Management Department, Mr. Liu Changsheng, Construction Manager of SYCTC-1 Project Public Works Group, Mr. Shan Xiang, project director of Fushun Chengxin Petrochemical Company, Liaoning Province, Mr. Yuan Ziwei, Senior Vice President of SUNPOWER Group and Chairman of SUNPOWER Technology Company, Mr. Zhang Baochao, Assistant General Manager of SUNPOWER and Project Manager of EPC Contractor; Mr. Yuan Wenbing, General Manager of Water Affairs Department of SUNPOWER Technology; Ms. Hu Yimin, Deputy Engineer of China Chemical Sixth Construction Co., Ltd; and Representatives of the participating units attended the commencement ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided by Mr. Gu Xin, project manager of SYCTC-1 Public Engineering Project Group.

Firstly, Mr. Wang Jin, Director of Shenhua Yulin SYCTC-1 Project of the State Energy Group warmly congratulated the project on its start-up and construction. In order to ensure that the project was completed on time, he emphasized the importance that relevant departments would organize and arrange carefully, fulfill their responsibilities effectively, fight hard for the project, build high-quality installations and create a national high-quality project.

Mr. Liu Wei, manager of Public Works Department of Shenhua Yulin Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. said that Shenhua Yulin Co., Ltd. would, as always, give full support to all parties involved in the project construction, do a good job in coordinating and guaranteeing all aspects, and provide high-quality, efficient, convenient and convenient services for the project construction. At the same time, wish a complete success to the project, put into operation early and achieve early results, so as to create conditions for Yulin Company to start a new plant.

Mr. Yuan Ziwei, Senior Vice President of SUNPOWER Group and Chairman of SUNPOWER High-Tech, made a clear statement on behalf of the general contractor. SUNPOWER will spare no effort to create national high-quality projects with first-class design, construction and management, and concentrate on creating national high-quality projects, and continue to be brilliant.

Mr. Zhang Baochao, Assistant General Manager and Project Manager of SUNPOWER High Technology Co., Ltd. deployed the project in detail from the aspects of target, safety, schedule, quality and civilized construction. Leaders of supervision units and construction units made speeches in turn, and confirmed that they would overcome the unfavorable factors such as tight time limit and heavy tasks, turn pressure into driving force, work together and cooperate closely to ensure the quality, quantity and timely delivery of the project.

At last, the director Mr. Wang Jin, announced that Shenhua Yulin High Salt Salt Crystallizer was officially started. With the sound salute, the project officially started, which also marks that the project has entered a substantive construction stage.

Mr. Zhang Xiansong, General Manager of Shenhua Yulin Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd., works on-site to support project.

Shenhua Yulin Salt Crystallization Project is a public engineering equipment for SYCTC-1 project of Shenhua Yulin Circular Economy Coal Comprehensive Utilization Project (Phase I Project). The design scale is 450 m_/h, which includes two parts: pretreatment unit and evaporative crystallization unit. The effluent of high-salt crystallizer meets the water quality standard of high-quality reclaimed water II. The product water of the unit is reused in the circulating water system as supplementary water, and high-quality sodium sulfate and sodium chloride crystalline salts are separated to realize resource utilization.

In the past, SUNPOWER High-Tech Salt Wastewater Zero-Discharge Technology has been successfully applied in Shenhua Yulin Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. Phase I project. SUNPOWER provides process packages and key equipment, and undertakes EPCM construction services. The "MVR vertical falling film evaporation + FC forced circulation crystallization technology" has been adopted to achieve the goal of zero discharge of salty wastewater. Since its operation in September 2015, have been operated steadily for nearly four years.

SUNPOWER Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in technological research and development and continuous exploration in the field of impurity salt crystallization, and is committed to industrial construction. Year 2017, the E1 concentrated liquid crystallization unit of Shenhua Ordos Coal and Oil Company built by SUNPOWER, was successfully started and industrial sodium sulfate was produced to achieve the goal of impurity crystallization.

For a long time, SUNPOWER High Technology has been adhering to the concept of "benefit-oriented environmental protection", turning waste salt into benefit, realizing the recovery of water and salt. SUNPOWER believes that with the strong support and help of the construction unit, under the guidance of the company's leadership, and with the joint efforts of all the employees of the participating units, Shenhua Yulin High Salt Salt Crystallization Project will be delivered smoothly and achieve good results.