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Sunpower Executive Team Visit to BASF Headquarters in Germany

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BASF GT President Dr. Volker Knabe (Left Second); Sunpower GM Frank Ma (Middle)
After visit to Sunpower of BASF executive team in this August, Sunpower GM Frank Ma and ISD Manager Robert Jing have traveled BASF headquarters in Ludwigshafen of Germany. Each party communicates deeply in AMB Project and future cooperation.
BASF GT President Dr. Volker Knabe has talked with Frank and achieved the consistency on global strategic partner between BASF and Sunpower. Mr. Knabe appreciated Sunpower support on BASF global projects.
During traveling period, BASF GTF Senior Vice President Dr. Fankhanel and GRT Global Procurement and Logistics Senior Vice President Mr. Buschbacher have communicated with Frank many times. They have presented the current and future global development strategy and project progress of BASF. Frank has detailed presented the R&D, global market strategy and production & business status of Sunpower.
BASF GTF/G vice president Dr. Hilligadt and GRT/T vice president Dr. Heineke visited the BASF manufacture base in Ludwigshafen together with Frank.
GTM/A vice president Dr. Schuler who in charge of quality and inspection completely presented the equipment quality management system of BASF.
BASF GTF/T vice president Dr. Jaager visited the BASF equipment manufacture factory together with Frank. Frank highly appreciated the professional characteristics, high quality production, clean workshop, equipment R&D associated with process and professional dedication spirit and attitude.
During the negotiation with technical and procurement team, each party agreed to cooperation intent on AMB Project and signed the cooperation agreement dated on Nov. 18th. Sunpower will design and fabricate 18 sets of vessels and 4 sets of heat exchangers for BASF. All the equipments are planned to deliver at May 2012.
AMB Project is the demonstration project of BASF new product. Delivery successfully of this contract means it is the first time of Asian supplier to provide equipment for BASF usage in European. At the same time, it is also the first time of Chinese supplier to export equipment to European based on the newest EN13445 Standard.
As a professional chemical enterprise, besides the special characteristics of chemical production R&D, BASF is also the leader of R&D, application and technology creation of pressure vessel, heat exchanger and other chemical equipment. BASF deeply impress Frank by their scientific attitude, serious spirit, energy integration usage, HR management, team work, product structure, production site management, quality management, equipment maintenance, technology R&D and other related aspects.
Recently, Sunpower has cooperated successfully with BASF in many important projects. The production quality and professional spirit of Sunpower is appreciated by BASF all the time. The visit to Germany strengthens the good cooperation relationship of each party. Both Sunpower and BASF demonstrate that they will cooperate together to the bright future.