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SUNPOWER products using on Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games

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SUNPOWER Piping Technology Company undertakes the project of adjustable support system for sled track of Beijing Winter Olympic Games in 2022.

Year 2022, Beijing will join hands with Zhangjiakou to hold the 24th Winter Olympic Games. The facilities of the Winter Olympic Games have entered the stage of comprehensive construction from the planning and construction stage.

The construction of venues and facilities for Beijing Winter Olympic Games is an important project which reflected national strength and national image. It has extremely strict functional requirements for construction, and is extremely cautious in choosing products. Recently, SUNPOWER Piping Technology successfully signed an order for the Pipeline Support System of the National Snowmobile and Sled Center of Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Again SUNPOWER has been given a valuable opportunity to "dialogue" with the national project. 

The National Snowmobiles and Sleeves Center is the most difficult project to design and construct in the venues of Beijing Winter Olympic Games. After the completion of the project, it will be the first snowmobile sled track in China and the only one in the world with 360 degree turning. The vertical drop of the track is 121 meters, the length of the track is 1975 meters, and16 turning paths with a maximum design speed of 134.4 kilometers per hour. It is also known as "Formula 1" in snow sports. Underneath the 5 cm thick ice passage is a supporting concrete structure with nearly 110,000 meters of refrigeration pipelines embedded in the structure.

Last September, SUNPOWER was invited to participate in the general contractor's research on the refrigeration system of sled center worldwide. This is the first time that SUNPOWER tube support has been applied to sled project. In order to meet the strict requirements of the owner, SUNPOWER immediately integrated its production, and research resources, drew the elites, and set up a project team. After 8 months of research and demonstration, SUNPOWER Low Temperature Adjustable Vibration-resistant Special Support System was selected by experts and highly recognized by Germany, Beijing Winter Olympic Project Command and the general contractor. SUNPOWER became the first national sled center of Beijing Winter Olympic Games in China and the only supplier of pipeline support technology.

As one of the best refrigeration supports suppliers in China, the successful signing of this contract is another breakthrough of SUNPOWER's technical solutions in national engineering. In the future, SUNPOWER will continue to provide excellent products and solutions for the Chinese market and show the world the style of "China Creation".