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Frozen Soil Treatment Project

SUNPOWER Group is the first international company to promote low temperature heat pipe technology for frozen soil treatment, which is independently developed by the company. It solves the unstable problem of Thawing and Sinking in summer and Frost Heaving in winter of permafrost. In the national "Tenth Five-Year" and "Eleventh Five-Year" planning key construction project-Qinghai-Tibet Railway construction, heat pipe technology is specialist of the Ministry of Railways. Meanwhile, SUNPOWER was appointed working together with Standardization Technical Committee to lead the formulating national standards: Heat Pipe (GB/T 27880-2011) and Heat Pipe rack (GB/T 31259-2014), the undertaking unit of Nanjing Permafrost Engineering Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 59-2014), and won the "China Standard Innovation Contribution Award" along with a number of national invention patented technologies, won the National Ministries and Committees, Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Award.


Working principles:

Through the unidirectional cooling effect of heat pipe, a large amount of cold energy is stored in the underground permafrost layer in winter, which prevents the permafrost from melting in summer, forming a "permafrost layer" and improving the strength of the permafrost.


The low-temperature heat pipe technology independently developed by SUNPOWER Group has solved the worldwide problem of thawing deformation of permafrost in major national projects. It has effectively prevented the thawing settlement of permafrost foundation in railway, highway, bridge, culvert, tunnel, airplane runway, oil pipeline, transmission line tower foundation and other projects. It has been widely used in infrastructure construction.

Nano-heat pipe technology independently developed by SUNPOWER Group (5.0):

The nano-heat pipe is heated by molecular vibration and forms a dark infrared radiation area about 60 cm around diameter. It has the characteristics of fast heating and stable heating. The heating efficiency of nano-heat pipe is 2-5 times higher than that of ordinary thermal material, and energy saving is 50-80%.

Hazard of permafrost:

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